Running Head: Training Models


The university model is very important piece to corporate universities because it keeps them on track and focused in the training of their personnel as well for an assortment of other reasons (Lawson, 2009, 52-27). There are many different models but today most companies are focused on using the internal university structure.


Corporate university model is for development and education of workers. It is very important for organizational culture and it encourage the progress not only basing on job skill, but as well focus on skills at workplace, creative thinking, learning-to-learn, problem solving and leadership. Corporations have developed corporate universities to educate their employees rather than training their employees in order to understand financial system (Donald, 2009, 40-45). Corporations are educating their employees with the intention of continued business success in present and future as well. Through educating their employees, many corporations have faith that they can accomplish strategic objectives and performance of their employees will improve.

There are varieties of formats of corporate university model education. Satellite communication is frequently used to present and design curriculum, it also include web based instruction, virtual campuses or/and virtual reality (Donald, 2009, 40-45). Through this way from different location employees can be brought simultaneously to take part in program. Video conference is also used for corporate university model education. Nowadays, many companies are emphasizing training utilizing the internal university structure in order to train their employees for continuous success for the organizations. These companies have faith that their companies can grow better and faster if their employees have basic knowledge and training of jobs. If the employees are train and educated about their job they perform successfully and chances of flaws are less. These companies have discovered that active involvement in employee’s training is an excellent investment in their own future. By being actively involved in employee’s education and development, these companies are able to better match employees’ learning need with the skills required by organization (Storey, 2009, 267-272).

Many established companies such as Motorola, United Health/United Technologies Corporation, Microsoft, Walt Disney, Ford Motor Company, and The Boeing Company are educating and training their employees in order to prepare them for current financial market and provide essential knowledge to employees about their job (Storey, 2009, 267-272). For example; employees appointed by Disneyland, California start their job at University of Disneyland. At University of Disneyland, 40-hour apprenticeship program and orientation is given to employees and most of this program and orientation is based on rides in Disneyland.


Corporate university movement has benefits employees in every aspect. Through Corporate University model, employees are able to gain degree, which is also useful to them in future. On the other hand, companies are able to set standard of their employees through educating and training them for the future accomplishment of the company. The main objective of corporate university model is to develop courses clearly linking with organizational strategy and business objective. Through these courses companies are able to covey corporate culture to their employees and also encourage them to use creative skills regarding their jobs.


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